Meaning, can I expect this problem to stop or to continue and get worse as more users switch to Windows 10? This is the driver you get automatically if you connect a device for the first time, or if you “force” Windows to get the latest drivers. Most C DLL problems are related to incorrect function signatures, wrong data types, or passing the wrong parameters. List driver only shows the current driver? This is stalling instead of helping.

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Funny thing is, I tried the same as you, and was able update from 4. Thanks a lot for your help.

What version of the driver and DLL are you using? From the previous answers in the thread it seems that Usbxpreess is improperly assigning the driver for a VCP device?

The driver has been removed for all versions on Windows Update. Can you upload the C project you’re trying to use? According to the current information, there is something wrong with the PID and driver matching. Please let me know if I can provide any information ubxpress helps you or the driver team to figure this out.

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We looked into this, and this did indeed happen because we recertified the drivers last week. Now I get a driver that identifies as V6. Replied Jul 279: It should be 4. Replied Jan 13 Make sure you call the get DLL version function to confirm in case the application is loading a different DLL than you think. I’ve noticed a recent change in which driver you get automatically via the windows update function I’m also suspicious of the version number, since it is so far away from 4.

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It may take a few days to propagate through the Windows release server, but the automatic updates should no longer occur once this happens. Replied Nov 172: List driver only shows the current driver? This is stalling instead of helping.

You should be getting a not supported error when reading the driver version from usbxpresss DLL.

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But the driver has the version 6. Replied Dec 034: This is the version am using. You can double check this in Device Manager. Hopefully Windows will fix this in a subsequent update, not sure what the fix is otherwise.


Replied Jul 246: Replied Nov 294: Can you double check that your driver is usbxpresz to date? At that point, you should be able to uninstall the driver and resinstall USBXpress v3.

Thanks for your effort. VCP driver can drive them.

And it still errors in an attempt to open error We have removed driver on Windows Usbxppress for Windows 10 on Dec 2. It says connected to “”, so it looks like you did connect successfully at some point. Now that I think of it, get driver version is no longer supported with the new WinUSB driver, so you are most likely using an older version.