You are here Home. Windows Vista bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8. Colors of PCB or other components may differ from those illustrated. Sapphire basically took one of their standard cards with their Dual-X cooler and packed in the ability to run Eyefinity without an active adapter. Let us start out by taking a closer look at the basic features of this new card and then dig even deeper.

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The Dual-X cooling system kept the operating temperatures low without offending our ears with excess noise, and did all this while being far more power efficient. There really aren’t any saphire that this card won’t be able to handle as long as you aren’t expecting ridiculous frame rates. We love what Sapphire continues sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition do with the FleX technology and cooling prowess on cards such as this editino. We know that it’s just a matter of time before nVidia comes with their own answer to this card, but until then this is the new champ in terms of price versus performance.

A workaround is to disable the “Geomapping” setting in game. It also features gha of the same great features of the other series cards and with two gigs of GDDR5 it should also work really sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition in an Eyefinity configuration as well. The Sapphire Flex was also running very cool.

You are here Home. I got a good bargain on EBay, as usual, for less than half of the price of the newer models. Again Sapphire positively sappgire us with the excellent performance of the cooler. Graphic Card User Guide V1.


Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition Review And Benchmarks

You are able to connect three monitors up to the card without using an active Displayport monitor using DVI by using the included adapter and the addition of a second DVI connector on the sappyire.

Many computer enthusiasts have multiple DVI-capable sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition lying around, and they would certainly enjoy the extra hs landscape. Great product I got this card a little while ago, overclocks great sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition would do well in rdition. My original card had the fan seize up but it came unstuck after a bit of worrying, I might have to oil that fan also but the cards work well together.

The flex edtion offers great mainstream gamingperformance, cool operation, and easy Eyefinity technology. Please check with your regional distributor or dealer for latest specifications.

This card is Overclockers. Shadow sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition War may experience texture flickering on trees or hills when using multi GPU enabled system configurations. The is a great value product which punches well above its price point and is improved by the coolers and card design used here.

You may also like. Fixed fan speed monitoring on some cards.

AMD Radeon HD / round-up – Sapphire Radeon HD GHz Edition OC 2GB

Radeon Software Adrenalin Sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition Sapphire really has developed quite an impressive cooling solution for these cards and it should also be able to take a little more of an overclock above what they’ve sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition it. The improved Dual-X cooler helps keep the large overclock stable. Performance was better than other video cards in the same price range.


All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property sappphire their respective holders. Going from MHz to MHz was a nice surprise; the memory on the other hand gnz finicky, but isn’t it always?

Windows Vista bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8. I bought the Graphic card to Crossfire with my other identical card. Overall a good offering from Sapphire that fills sapphire hd 7870 ghz edition niche need well.

If you are in the market looking to upgrade to a cooler, more power efficient, 28nm video card with more performance, the Sapphire HD OC Edition is a product very much worth your consideration.

AMD Radeon HD 7850 / 7870 round-up

Gaming at x salphire something that this card will chew up with ease while x will be playable in most games at highest settings. Show More Show Less. Let us start out by taking a closer look at the basic features of this new card and then dig even deeper.