Can I get access to the pipeline used by the imx-test vpu video? Actually, if i put the clock just as my display’s datasheet indicates, it flicks even more. I know this has been asked before http: I forgot to add some details, i changed the PWM backlight to 10kHz from the default kHz, it didnt change much. The understanding i can take of this is that for some reason gstreamer overflows the display’s pixels. The rest of the frame can be used to extract the samples for the ‘pixel’ of interest, pack the bits into integers, compute the RGB values, re-set the DMA, etc.

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I think my U-boot and fb is detecting the data i have in the structure. I tried creating a separate display there, didn’t go too well, hence I am modifying the FusionF07 to my needs.

If the above works as I expect, it should be possible to capture two lines of PAL data to a 4. Access Warning You do not have the max952 permissions to perform this operation. What timings get logged when the framebuffer is configured,? How can I override the X configurations?


Analogue Camera Module (ACM) – Main Features, Datasheets

It takes composite video in and spits out high-speed 9-bit data in YCbCR sequence. Hello Max, We must’ve reached the max nr of comments so I need to add another answer. I modified it to my display’s needs so I’m keeping that, maybe i’ll add a custom later.

You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. If the DMA cannot complete within 7 cpu-clocks, the gating scheme could still be used to reduce a high-speed capture buffer to a few more TTL gates, counter chips, and a small RAM.

By flickering i mean the image starts losing color, unstable. Actually, if i put the clock just as my display’s datasheet indicates, it flicks ,ax9526 more. I think the error comes from the framebuffer X and such.

Answers Answers and Comments. Note that this is about the framebuffer resolution, i. Here are 3 images. Do I need another approach?

Gstreamer ximagesink – how it should look like but I want fullscreen.

Camera image stopping issue in IMX | NXP Community

Averaging is necessary because the low-pass filter now has to be in the order of kHz. I got some picture for you. MX 6 with gst-inspect Answers Answers and Comments 7 People are following this question. After some research linuxx found the file: It happens the same thing. Before i deploy X Console prompt it looks good. Desktop looking just fine Gstreamer imxv4l2sink test ruining everything. I’m aware that these commands end with an error once all of the framebuffer has been written with ‘black’, ‘white’ or random data.

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I suspect on any vivante created artifacts, I just don’t know where to work them out. Important Information for this Arm website This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

I found out that I had a faulty flat cable, that’s why i had liux hardware issues. The linux logo at bootup looks nice too.

Camera image stopping issue in IMX356

Looking for Colibri iMX8X? I don’t know what your display needs. I want to take a composite video input pal and capture 8 pixels every 5 frames. I would order shorter FFC cables and try again.