I should have seen this coming. The inevitable switch to Mac computers happened and along came with it using the keyboards of the macbooks. Kinesis Advantage Matrix Key Layout. It is quite easy to remap the keys any other keys, not just the thumb keys using the SmartSet programming engine. The reliability is incredible, the quality stunning and versatility without peer.

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Ergonomic keyboards enable you to type without pain and with greatly diminished effort, but you have to learn how to use them. You’ll find that you are not only more efficient, but you also experience less static muscle tension and forearm pronation. On a traditional keyboard, the keys kebyoard need to be reached by bending your index fingers laterally e.

Kinesis Advantage KBUSB-BLK Wired Keyboard | eBay

Moreover, the keys are laid out in perfect vertical rows to avoid the need for lateral movements during typing. I’ve bought 3 since I started on the kinesis advantage craze. I was first exposed to the concept of an ergonomic keyboard in A unique, low-force tactile switch indicates when a key is activated. I wish the Magic trackpad2 was slightly less wide, but this setup works magically pun intendedbetter than any combination of mouse I have used.

I settled on some variant of the Microsoft comfort curve keyboard, whichever keyboard was on sale the day I needed to buy one. I mentioned this to a friend who I thought might like trying a keyboard like this and he promptly ordered the same keyboard as well. The mixed results of the Microsoft natural keyboards left me wary of split keyboards, I tried a couple of physically split keyboards including the Microsoft Sculpt Ergo, which was the best amongst that lot:.

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The Kinesis keyboard has keybord full range of function keys, but they are not much easier to reach than on any other keyboard.

I spent several agonizing months in trying to migrate to the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard after keybboard second Maltron developed yet another kinfsis key, but I could never get comfortable with it.

Kinesis (keyboard)

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This item doesn’t belong on this page. A piezo buzzer provides optional key click.

I’ve used Kinesis a keyboard like this for over 20 years. Does more time on the market equate to a better overall experience? These keys are located directly under your thumbs. Once I started doing that and let the fingers take over from there. This lessens the strain on the pinky fingers by allowing the stronger thumbs to handle these keys. The silver keyboard had some form keyboatd tactile feedback and was reasonable to use for short periods, falling back to the Microsoft keyboare curve keyboards for longer typing sessions:.

Fast shipping, good keyboard like new. The Type Matrix Keyboard. As noted above, you can remap your keys to send signals representing another key. It’s a joy to type with this keyboard.


You can record macros using the SmartSet programming engine as well. Get updates Get updates.

Long-Term Review: The Kinesis Advantage 2 Ergonomic Keyboard | blog

Totally dig this setup. I have always gone back to my Microsoft comfort curve keyboards and when Microsoft started to style them like the other natural keyboards, I found the next reasonable thing, the Logitech K The Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards is an alternative to the traditional keyboard design. Y keys, but I could not get over the difference in size between the buttons and I found that my right hand was traveling too much as compared to the left hand.

Round two of our ergonomic keyboard coverage brings us the Kinesis Advantage.

Two ksyboard panels toward the front of the Kinesis Advantage keyboard provide a comfortable area for your thumbs to work.

Kinesks Maltron Two-Handed 3D keyboard is very close to the Kinesis Advantage in almost all respects and I have used it for a few years before going back to the Kinesis. The Truly Ergonomic is a mechanical keyboard but completely flat with neither tenting, nor enough of a split for my tall frame.