To toggle showing or hiding advanced search is controlled by one button. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When it is not, you want to throw a specific exception, with a detailed message. Post as a guest Name. To fail or pass? You are performing two steps in this case:

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So in the example when you want to click on an element, no need to check whether it is displayed first. If you are talking about WebDrivers WebElementit contains only isDisplayed method, which by the doc:. This is an amazing post. MrNolan 36 1 1 3. Whilst I’ll agree with you on the “oddities” that isDisplayed can bring, you are actually duplicating exactly what it is already doing.

java – isDisplayed() vs isVisible() in Selenium – Stack Overflow

You are commenting using your Twitter account. An easy scenario is when there’s a CSS class that defines element visibility. Corina, as I was going through some of my manual tests, I wanted to find a smarter way in automating the ones that check for elements presence on a page. If the element webdrifer there, continue executing the rest of the code. If used properly, this will solve your issue of knowing whether an element is on the page or not. One of the most frequent kind of interactions with the web page when testing with Selenium is checking whether a particular element is present.


Determines if the specified element is visible.

In this case, a simple check of the ‘class’ attribute should yield suitable results if any of the above webdrver fail to do so: So, as a final check if the dimension check returns trueI look at the style attribute of the element if one has been defined and set the value of a boolean accordingly:. This will stop the rest of the code from running no point in continuing if a condition is not met. Therefore, the following pieces metyod code are not correct: So, as a final check if the dimension webdrriver returns trueI look at the style attribute of the element if one has been defined and set the value of a boolean accordingly: Like Liked by 1 person.

The value that I want isdisplxyed search on appears in the Advanced section, so for my script to work I have added an IF statement. Both are used to identify whether web element is or is not hidden in web page. So there was no way that I could test the else part.

Isdksplayed in your details below or click an icon to log in: What is the difference between isDisplayed and isVisible methods in Selenium? I tend to come up with my own solutions to this.

Selenium: How to correctly test whether an element is displayed (or not)

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers isdislayed had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. To toggle showing or hiding advanced search is controlled by one button. However, when I run the script and the Advanced search is not expanded, the script fails, advising me that it could not find the object “guiSystemID”.


If it’s not present, it certainly isn’t visible. Thank you for your interest in this question. When to check that the element is displayed One thing worth mentioning is that the presence of an element is evaluated in a lazy way, when an interaction with it is attempted, by default when the element is defined in a Page Object class, by using the FindBy annotations.

If there are more states, I’d look into setting an enum value or something of the like. I’ve had mixed results with. Unless I have something very specific, I tend to use a wrapper method that performs a number of checks for visibility. Richard 2, 22 Has anyone got any suggestions about how else I could assess if the field is appearing without having the script fail because it can’t find the field.