A listed smoke damper designed to resist the passage of smoke shall be provided at each point a duct or air transfer opening penetrates a smoke barrier. The required fire-resistance rating of exterior walls with a fire separation distance of greater than 10 feet mm shall be rated for exposure to fire from the inside. Designs documented in referenced publications approved in accordance with this code. The size and aggregate width of all openings shall not exceed the limitations of Section Where the penetrating items are steel, ferrous or copper pipes, tubes or conduits, the annular space between the penetrating item and the fire-resistance-rated wall is permitted to be protected by either of the following measures:. Horizontal assemblies shall comply with Section The aggregate area of the openings through the membrane shall not exceed square inches 64 mm 2 in any square feet 9.

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Where sleeves genreic used, they shall be securely fastened to the assembly penetrated. In floor assemblies composed of noncombustible materials, a shaft shall not be required where the duct connects not more than three stories, the annular space around the penetrating duct is protected with an approved noncombustible material that resists the free passage of flame and the products of combustion and a fire damper is installed at each floor line.

Fire doors and door assemblies shall be permitted to consist of components, including glazing, vision light kits and hardware that are listed or classified and labeled for such use by different third-party agencies. Enclosed elevator lobbies are not required where the building is protected by an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with Section Where piping, conduit or similar obstructions are encountered, the insulation shall be packed tightly around the obstruction.

Attic fireblocking or 16hw-1/2 is not required at the partition line in Group R-2 buildings that do not exceed four stories above grade plane, provided the attic space is subdivided by draftstopping into areas not exceeding 3, square feet m 2 or above every gejeric dwelling units, whichever is smaller.


Once established, the pressure shall be maintained during the entire test period. One-hour fire-resistance-rated exterior walls that terminate at the underside of the roof sheathing, deck or slab, provided: Members of the primary structural frame other than columns that are required to have protection to achieve a fire-resistance rating and support more than two floors 16vw-1/2 one floor and roof, or support a load-bearing 16bs-1/2 or a nonload-bearing wall more than two stories high, shall be provided individual encasement protection 16bw–1/2 protecting them on all sides for the full length, including connections to other structural members, with materials having the required fire-resistance rating.

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Each vertical opening shall comply in accordance with one of the protection methods in Sections Parapets shall be provided on exterior walls of buildings.

Incinerator rooms shall comply with Table As required by Table for exterior walls based on the fire separation distance. Each opening through a fire wall shall be protected in accordance with Section 16bw-1//2 Horizontal sliding doors in smoke barriers genetic comply with Sections Floor fire door assemblies shall be labeled by an approved agency.

Where exterior walls serve as a part of a required fire-resistance-rated separation, such walls shall comply with the requirements of Section for exterior wallsand the fire-resistance-rated separation requirements shall not apply. The annular space created by the penetration of a fire sprinkler, provided 16b-w1/2 is covered by a metal escutcheon plate.

Openings in nonfire-resistance-rated exterior wall assemblies that require protection in accordance with Section Elevator, dumbwaiter and other hoistway enclosures shall be constructed in accordance with Section and Chapter In other than Groups I-2 and I-3, a genneric opening that is not used as one of the applications listed in this section shall be permitted if it complies with all of the items below.

The opening protectives are required where the fire separation distance between the imaginary line and the adjacent building or structure is less than 15 feet mm. The walls shall be of materials permitted by the building type of construction.


In addition to the requirements in Section for smoke partitions, doors protecting openings in the smoke partitions shall also comply with Sections Fire-protection-rated glazing requiring minute opening protection in accordance with Table The lobby enclosure shall separate the elevator shaft enclosure doors from each floor by fire partitions. The duct shall be installed above a ceiling. Joints made in or between fire barriersand joints made at the intersection of fire barriers with underside of a fire-resistance rated floor or roof sheathing, slab, or deck above, and the exterior vertical wall intersection shall comply with Section Oversized fire doors shall bear an oversized fire door label by an approved agency or shall be provided with a certificate of inspection furnished by an approved testing agency.

For combustible horizontal projecting elements with concealed spaces, the fire wall need only extend through the concealed space to the outer edges of the projecting elements.

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The location of the assumed line in relation to the exterior walls and the fire wall shall be such that the exterior wall and opening protection meet the requirements set forth in Sections Floor penetrations of maximum 4-inch mm nominal diameter penetrating directly into metal-enclosed electrical power switchgear do not require a T rating.

Where corridor walls provide a sleeping unit or dwelling unit separation, draftstopping shall only be required above one of the corridor walls.

Skylights and other penetrations through a fire-resistance-rated roof deck or slab are permitted to be unprotected, provided that the structural integrity of the fire-resistance-rated roof assembly is maintained.

Damper ratings shall be in accordance with Sections Smoke partitions installed as required elsewhere in the genreic shall comply with this section. Prescriptive designs of fire-resistance-rated building elements, components or assemblies as prescribed in Section