If you are using the free version of the app, it is also a time when advertisements are shown on your iPhone or iPad. Try to keep mobile phone and PC as close to each other as possible. Some applications do not display ‘EpocCam’ as a webcam, but instead they display only ‘Kinoni Video Source’. This driver is for Windows 7 and later. So connection time is much shorter from the second time. Also make sure you are not running any other CPU-hungry application at the same time.

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Epoccam viewer windows 10

Read this review and see whether Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse is a good fit for your needs:. Remember to close all the applications that use EpocCam, otherwiser they are forced to close.

A beautiful portable monitor! Choose “EpocCam” from “Video source”. Make sure your wireless network has enough available bandwidth. This guide explains how to set up EpocCam.


How to turn your iPhone or iPad into a webcam for your Windows PC | Digital Citizen

Setup your wireless network. After trying and testing several of them, the one that we liked best is EpocCam.

You can imagine that we were curious to test it and see if it is new “hybrid” is a good choice for laptop and tablet users. You can connect only one camera at a time with EpocCam. On our Windows 8. When you find it, tap the Install or Get button and wait for the app to download and install. If not, start them by right clicking and choose “Start Service”. Their top-selling product in this niche is Deco M5, which now has a new v2 variant, which brings windoas quality-of-life improvements compared to the first model.

More info I agree. It also shows a watermark and advertisements on the images.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse: Bluetooth devices can interfere with WiFi connections. Read this review and see whether Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse is a good fit for your needs: But once the connection is made, connection is remembered. Now you know how easy it is to turn your iPhone or iPad into a webcam that you can use with your Windows computer. For this review, we tested a rather interesting device: EpocCam Viewer Pro should be kept running while using Syphon framework enabled application.


Choose EpocCam as Camera source. When the installation is finished, we recommend that you restart your computer to make sure that every driver loads appropriately. Do you like EpocCam and how it works? Now the setup is completed.

If you want to find out more about it and whether you should buy it or not, read our review. Please check the requirements.

This driver is for Windows 7 and later. It will remove all the files from your computer. First of all, you need an iOS app that can make your iPhone or iPad work as a webcam. Once you see the white circle, start EpocCam on your phone.