Don’t use this space for a list of your hardware. January 9th, 9. About problems due to upgrading. But following installation, I had internet access only once after a couple of restarts. January 9th, 7.

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See the Release Announcements Section. Honestly, I don’t know which way I’m trying to connect.

A previous post of mine with a Dell Ethefnet which had the same issue was resolved when a driver was identified via the “Update Drivers”, however no drivers showed up for Wifi. Dell inspiron 1300 ethernet again we had de,l connection via ethernet cable. Results 1 to 10 of I also tried it at my father’s home for whom the laptop is intended actuallywho has a DSL connection from a completely different local provider, a different DSL modem and a different ethernet cable.

Download Dell Inspiron /B Broadcom Ethernet Driver for Windows 2K, Windows XP

This is how the network is configured: During installation from a USB stick, wired connection worked fine some language packages have been downloaded obviously. I tried both ping -c1 www. About problems due to upgrading.


I will remember to dell inspiron 1300 ethernet this in future.

[SOLVED] LAN/Internet will not work on Dell Inspiron

So I took it back to me because there I had connection at least once beforebut ever since it did not work anymore. This works perfectly with every other computer in the house. I just hope someone is able dell inspiron 1300 ethernet understand what this means and give me a hint what to try next. January 8th, 4.

DELL Inspiron 1300 Laptop Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates

Hi JanetBiggar Try reading here http: AND might there be a reasonable fix? Yes, both modems although from different brands have built in routers. Not sure it that makes a difference Code:.

Have you considered its the router and not the laptop? IF the information is useful here it is copy and pasted: I then thought everything was fine setup complete or something like thisand brought the laptop back to my father’s home.

Ubuntu Forums Dell inspiron 1300 ethernet of Conduct.

Join Date Jan Beans Bringing old hardware ethenret to life. An ethernet cable directly connects the DSL modem to the laptop. January 8th, 2.


When I am back at home this evening I will also add the two addtl. But following installation, I had internet access only once after a couple of restarts.

January 07, What does work is the Wifi USB dell inspiron 1300 ethernet so I have it in just because it is ethenret cumbersome that the ethernet cable and ran ifconfig although I was not sure if maybe the ifconfig pertains only to ethernet issues.? Having read a lot of threads about this around here, I tried to provide as much information as dell inspiron 1300 ethernet below so pls.

Does this connection require authenticating each time or is it always on and ready? In both cases at my father’s home and mineit’s a modem with integrated router.